applying for a loan with us is simple, quick, transparEnt, and discreet. 

4 - Simple steps to apply for a loan



Complete the Online Form

We require our customers to complete the online application form. The completed form together with the attachments are received by a loan consultant for review and processing. This initial step allows the consultant to perform all the necessary checks in advance to optmise the application process. 

appraisal of loan Collateral

A loan consultant will commence with the necessary checks and to initiate contact with the applicant to arrange for a suitable date to appraise the asset that will be used as collateral agaisnt the loan. Collateral types range from vehicles, motorbikes, construction equipment, electronic equipment, jewellery, art, antiques, etc


Conclude the agreement

An agreement is concluded and the asset provided as collateral is kept in a secure location for the duration of the agreement or until the amount is paid in full. We ensure the comfort of our customers with industry standard agreements that are approved by the NCR.

Transfer the funds

Once the agreement is concluded we immediately transfer the funds into the applicant’s provided bank account. Karibucash will hold on to the loan collateral until the loan amount, interest, and fees, are paid in full in accordance with the initial agreement.

KaribuCash is a brand of Kilimanjaro Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in South Africa. Kilimanjaro Logistics is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Reg No: NCRCP6979 as well as with the Micro Finance South Africa